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Bailey & Griffin
Bailey & Griffin B. Berger Fine Fabrics

Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric is pleased to offer discount B. Berger Fabric and B. Berger Wallcoverings hardware.

B. Berger continues to expand it’s decorative line of fabrics, wallcoverings and hardware, selected from the most renowned mills throughout the world. The diversity of color, textures and designs is favored by discriminating decorators, and is now available to you.With the purchase of the B. Berger family of brands in the summer of 2012, Duralee acquired the archives of the luxury fabric brand Bailey & Griffin.

While combing through decades of artwork, fabric and wallcovering designs, it became evident to the Duralee executives that the prestige of the Bailey & Griffin product was not to be ignored. Bailey & Griffin Wallpaper products are among the finest home decorating products that you can buy. Therefore, they are pleased to announce that they have decided to revive this iconic line of refined high­end fabrics for the distinguished home.

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