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Decorating Do’s and Dont’s.
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* Decide on a budget at the beginning of you project. If your funds are limited, decorate your rooms one at a time.

* Buy items that will have the most pronounced effect on the room first – like wallpaper, carpet, and furniture. Accessories can be added later.

* Keep a scrapbook of decorating ideas, wallpaper samples, colors schemes, how to create with color, etc.

* Be sure to create a personalized room, not an imitation of someone else’s. Your personality should shine through, as well as your lifestyle.

* Buy wallpaper, fabric and floor coverings for their practical as well as decorative effect. Keep in mind kids, pets, lifestyle.

* Make a ceiling the fifth wall of the room. Remember walls can be one color or pattern, ceilings another. Coordinating colortones always look and work great for ceilings.

* To effectively mix textures in a room, make sure there is a common denominator, like a common color.


* Fall for fads in style and design. You’ll tire of them quickly.

* Buy products because they are a bargain. Always make your wallcoverings and furniture an investment in the value of your home.

* Fill every inch of space. Leave some breathing room for favorite items to stand out.

* Use too many similar textures in a room. They can cancel each other out.

* Be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures and kinds of wallpapers.

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  1. I have seen in two articles fabric used by Clarence House and each time I try to find it on the web I can. I’m frustated. Recently in Architectural Digest page 110 July issue. The fabric in a neutral color with big brown swirly lines. I am looking for something to put in my Lake House foyer on a chair.I woulod appricate being able to locate this type of fabric. Thank you

  2. wallpaper, fabric and floor coverings for their practical as well as decorative effect for homes and offices….

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