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How to Remove Wallpaper

removing wallpaper 2

Removing wallpaper can be somewhat simple. Newer wallpapers, especially non-woven wallpapers, are designed to be strippable, so you can peel them off the wall easily. To strip wallpaper, or find out what kind of job you have ahead you, find a corner and start peeling. If it peels away in one large sheet with ease you are in luck.  However, some wallpaper will pose more of a challenge to remove.  H  Here are instructions on how to remove wallpaper and the materials that you may need.


break away knife (wallpaper knife)

Putty knife

Perforating tool or wallpaper scoring tool

Wallpaper removal solution or warm water

Drop cloths

Large Sponge

Solution sprayer such as a Spray bottle



Spread drop cloths over the entire area to protect your floors.

Start by peeling one of the corners back on a strip of wallpaper on one of the corners of the wall and pull off top vinyl coating.  NOTE:  the paper backing may stick to the wall.  Continue stripping the top layer off each strip.  NOTE:  If you start peeling and the top layer of your drywall starts to peel, STOP.  This would indicate your drywall had not been primed or painted and an other alternative method would need to be persued. Refer to our Drywall Damage  for more details or call us toll-free for further instructions 1-877-229-9427.

If your wallpaper removal solution requires mixing, mix the removal solution with hot water in a bucket as recommended by the manufacturer. You can transfer the solution to a spray bottle later if you like.

Spray or sponge the solution on the paper backing left on the wall. Allow to absorb 5-10 minutes and use your putty knife to scrape off, NOTE:  you will want to let the solution seep in the paper backing or it may need another spraying or sponging for full absorption.  You can also perforate the surface of the wallpaper all over with a wallpaper scoring tool; This also allows the wallpaper water solution to seep behind the wallpaper and loosen the adhesive. Refer to our Remove old wallpaper with ease for details. 

Spray or sponge the wallpaper removal solution on liberally and allow it to soak into the wallpaper for a period of time.

Note: Don’t rush this process. Let the wallpaper removal solution (warm water) do most of the work.

Once the wallpaper is loosened, peel it away by scraping with a putty knife, being careful not to gouge the wall underneath.

removing wallpaper

Some older wallpaper will stay on the wall so some patches may need to be soaked with a removal solution or warm water to loosen the adhesive. Note: Remove old wallpaper guidelines. 

Finally, spray or sponge any residual adhesive with the solution or hot water and wipe down the entire wall until you get all of the glue off.

Allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

Note: you may have to do some additional prepping like spackling, cleaning, sanding and/or priming before wallpapering,

Call us toll-free for any questions 1-877-229-9427. www.eadeswallpaper.com