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Boring kitchen or bathrooms?

Give them an instant make-over with RoomMates StickTILES!
StickTILES are the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to tile a surface or create a backsplash. Just peel and stick.

StickTILES come in many different colors and designs, and they look and feel like real high-end glass or ceramic tiles, and are lightweight and flexible so they can easily be cut with a utility knife or even scissors to fit perfectly around difficult areas.

What are StickTILES? StickTILES are peel and stick backsplashes created by RoomMates to offer a fast, fun and affordable way to tile a surface such as a kitchen or bathroom.

How do I apply StickTILES? Just measure, clean, cut, peel, and apply to the wall. It’s that easy!

How many StickTILES come in a pack? Four StickTILES come in a pack. Each tile is 10.5 inches X 10.5 inches.

Do I really need to clean my wall before applying StickTILES? We do recommend wiping down the wall with an all-purpose wall cleaner. This will ensure StickTILES best adhere to the wall.

Can I easily remove my StickTILES from the wall? Yes! StickTILES are easy to remove from the walls. To remove, peel off very gently from the surface. If necessary, use a hair-dryer on low heat as you peel to soften the adhesive and assist with removing.

Can I put StickTILES on freshly painted walls? We recommend waiting up to three weeks before putting your StickTILES on the wall to ensure best results.

I am applying StickTILES for the first time. What installation tips can you provide me? Follow these handy installation tips when working with StickTILES:

  • When applying StickTILES to the wall, always start at the bottom corner of the wall and work your way up.
  • Fold back 1/3rd of the protective paper backing and peel back as you place the tile on the wall. This will help with alignment.
  • Make sure to overlap the grout of each tile. This will ensure the grout line remains even.
  • Keep a credit card or plastic smoother handy and press across each StickTILE after it is firmly on the wall to ensure the best possible adhesion.
  • Do not remove the outer layer of film until the StickTILE is firmly placed on the wall and you are certain of placement.

How do I install StickTILES around outlets? StickTILES are easy to custom fit. Simply measure the area on the wall where the outlet is. Transfer those measurements onto the StickTILE and cut!

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