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New collection of Scenics and Panels from our archives is being worked on:

Thomas Strahan Wallpaper

We offer a collection of curated wallpapers drawn from the Thomas Strahan archives. Their designs encompass a wide range of styles from American traditional to mid-century modern. An old New England company, established in the late 19th century, they have been producing wallpapers of beauty and distinction to the present day.

View Patterns at https://www.thomasstrahan.com/


TS2197 St. Esprit
TS5481 Cervera
TS6360 Litchfield
TS6484 Dickinson Floral
TS6652 The Hunt
TS7346-03 The Kent, Sand
TS7346-06 The Kent, Gray
TS7346-10 The Kent, Green
TS7346-17 The Kent, Magenta
TS7427 Whistler
TS7582 The Hampton
TS7882-01 Spring Garden Bouquet, Ivory
TS8533 Rose Buds
TS14006 Wellwood House
TS14010 English Ivy


TS721-09 Medallion, Sage
TS721-11 Medallion, Gold
TS721-13 Medallion, Gray
TS5551-01 Marblehead, Light Blue
TS5551-03 Marblehead, Tan
TS5551-05 Marblehead, Aqua
TS5551-09 Marblehead, Lime
TS5551-20 Marblehead, Red/Blue
TS5551-22 Marblehead, Blueberry
TS6004-01 Alice in Wonderland, Multi
TS6141-05 Cape Cod, Mint
TS6141-08 Cape Cod, Raspberry
TS6141-12 Cape Cod, Neutral
TS6141-18 Cape Cod, Seabreeze
TS6500-01 Farmer, Green
TS6500-02 Farmer, Ivory-Multi
TS6500-03 Farmer, Green/Red/Blue
TS6751-02 Olden Times, Multi
TS7183-02 Palm, Sand
TS7183-06 Palm, Gray
TS7183-07 Palm, Sky
TS7183-21 Palm, Evergreen
TS7210-01 Pine Needles, Ivory
TS7210-12 Pine Needles, Tan
TS7236-06 Marshfield, Gray
TS7236-09 Marshfield, Green
TS7236-10 Marshfield, Aqua
TS7236-12 Marshfield, Hazelnut
TS7236-18 Marshfield, Blue
TS7445-04 Chantung, Golden
TS7445-08 Chantung, Coral
TS7445-09 Chantung, Green
TS7445-18 Chantung, Delft
TS7850-05 Old Lyme, Green Apple
TS7850-06 Old Lyme, Gray
TS7850-07 Old Lyme, Surf
TS7850-08 Old Lyme, Sherbet
TS7850-18 Old Lyme, Delft
TS8098-03 Town & Country, Multi
TS8098-10 Town & Country, Turquoise
TS8098-12 Town & Country, Sandstone
TS8098-18 Town & Country, Blue
TS8305-02 Botany, Mint
TS8305-03 Botany, Olive
TS8305-07 Botany, Blue
TS8305-09 Botany, Avocado
TS8305-15 Botany, Autumn
TS8305-22 Botany, Indigo
TS9682-09 Biskara,Lime
TS9682-10 Biskara, Sea Grass
TS9682-11 Biskara, Mustard
TS9682-18 Biskara, Denim
TS9682-25 Biskara, Black

TS12016-09 Kashan, Mint
TS12016-14 Kashan, Olive
TS12016-18 Kashan, Colonial Blue

TS14000-05 Toile D’Etienne, Sage Green
TS14000-06 Toile D’Etienne, Gray
TS14000-08 Toile D’Etienne, Blush
TS14000-10 Toile D’Etienne, Aqua
TS14000-18 Toile D’Etienne, Blue
TS14000-20 Toile D’Etienne, Madder Red
TS14000-25 Toile D’Etienne, Black/White

TS14001-03 Chatham Lace, Beige
TS14001-06 Chatham Lace, Haze
TS14001-13 Chatham Lace, Pewter
TS14001-25 Chatham Lace, Soft Black
TS14002-01 Tapestry Floral, Linen
TS14002-05 Tapestry Floral, Green Apple
TS14002-06 Tapestry Floral, Dove
TS14002-07 Tapestry Floral, Chambray

TS14003-07 Abigail, Chambray
TS14003-08 Abigail, Pink
TS14003-09 Abigail, Lichen
TS14003-10 Abigail, Jade
TS14004-02 Broad Meadows, Canvas
TS14004-14 Broad Meadows, Mushroom
TS14004-17 Broad Meadows, Lavender
TS14004-21 Broad Meadows, Pine
TS14004-22 Broad Meadows, Navy
TS14008-01 New England Floral, Ivory
TS14008-06 New England Floral, Blue

TS14009-01 Margot, Pearl
TS14009-08 Margot, Coral
TS14009-10 Margot, Periwinkle
TS14009-16 Margot, Tangerine

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