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Why No Job Is Really Too Small

(By: Tim Clark)

A small job means different things to different contractors and service professionals. Some claim any job under $100 is too small while others consider anything under $50,000 to be too small. Whatever the case may be for your business, you really shouldn’t discard the small job.

Here are two reasons why:

The small job lead may come to you and you choose not to do it. That could be a big mistake. Someone else is going to take that job and get the project done. If your competitor completes this tiny piece of work and does a great or even a good job, there’s a good chance the homeowner or business owner is going to call this person again for the next project. And they may also become a great cheerleader for your competitor and pass his or her name all around town. Wouldn’t it be better for your business to take on the project and then get future work and referrals from it?

Another aspect to consider is this – what if the small project turns into a really big project? For example, a homeowner wants to replace a sink in the bathroom. It’s a pretty small job. But what if that sink replacement becomes more than that? Countertops and cabinets could also be upgraded, along with some new paint, and flooring. Before you know it, it’s a complete bathroom remodeling project.

In a down economy, many people are not taking on the big projects. Things are slowly improving in certain areas. Many contractors and service professionals are gearing up to be able to handle the smaller job leads out there until the economy is rolling again. It would be a smart move to equip your business to handle these smaller projects, too. If you already are taking on the small jobs, then don’t forget to upsell your services to give clients the satisfaction they’re really looking for. It will have people calling you back and it will keep your business name on their lips as they talk to friends and family.