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Decorating with Green



Brewster Anouk Light Green Floral 286-55662Green is the color of growth, life. It’s the first sprouts of grass in the Spring adding a rejuvenating and welcoming feeling and it’s for any room. It’s worlds most abundant color. The color of nature, grass and trees.

Its a traditional color. Technically a neutral color ranging from dark- and dramatic to go-with-anything. It represents growth, development, opportunity, giving you a sense of confidence and security with a sense of moving forward, freshness and crispness.


Brewster Anouk Light Green 286-55662


Designing with green can have a harmonizing effect because its a neutral color which has a balance that brings stability and safeness in your design choices. It can be refreshingly chic. But one must be careful when choosing green, it can also represent envy and jealousy, hence the expression “green with envy.” Just a slight change in shade or hue can completely change the message you are trying to convey for your room.

Expressing the natural feelings and representing the natural world of green can be tricky. More subdued greens are less vibrant but are more stable and affluent. To create an energetic space when combined with vibrant hues it can create a sophisticated environment when paired with other neutrals.


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Creating mood for rooms all depends on the tones your looking at. Olive tones are cozy and rustic; Lime and Chartreuse are energetic and modern; Blue Greens are cool and calming; Vibrant grass greens are refreshing. You shouldn’t feel as if you have to avoid some shades like lime and neon greens, it’s a matter of learning how to use them. Here’s a few sample color personalities to look at:


Luscious Jade Green -Balanced and reassuring


Apple Green- Serene and precise


Fresh Pistachio Green – Principled and open-minded


Neutral Celadon Green- Stable and visionary


Botanical Green – Prosperous and traditional


Lush Lime Green – Active and welcoming


Organic Sage Green – Soothing and composed


Ripe Avocado Green – Loyal and involved



ASH 940 Floral Branch Toss
Greens are a great go-to in the decorating world. It’s just a matter of your comfort level and what you are trying to portray, a reflection of your personality and taste. So gain color confidence and add your personality to your room.






York Floral Branchtoss WB5416



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