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Do Your Eyes See Red

  It doesn’t take much for red to make it’s presence. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. The color Red is for every style. It’s vibrant, demands attention, gets your emotions going and is extremely dramatic and lively. This is why many designers use Red.     Inspired by Color Pattern JG0727   From the deep merlot reds that […]

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Spring Home Fashion: Black and White

Update any room in 2014 with Black & White.  When spotting trends in 2014 we have found black and white in animal skins, sharp contemporary geometric shapes, damasks, etc. and we took this simple color combination to a whole other level.   Lets take a look at how black and white can make a strong […]

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Wallpaper and Pattern Types

     There’s no better way to add color, pattern, and texture to your walls all at once than wallpaper.  Wallpaper comes in a variety of materials as well as patterns.  Todays wallcoverings range from vinyl to natural materials, from plain to pattern designs. We’re back to loving interest, detail, and texture. Today people are […]

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Pasting Un-pasted Wallcovering

Pasting un-pasted wallcovering Use the type of paste recommended in the instructions that came with the wallcovering.   If no information is given, ask your retailer’s advice. Brush or roll the back of the wallcovering with paste.   Apply plenty to the edges.  Fold the strip (or “book”) pasted side to pasted side, that is bring in […]

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