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Tips for Decorating With Texture

Using a variety of surfaces and layering materials is key to making any room more interesting.

1. Decide on a Look

Shabby Chic – Holzlatten in frechen Pastelltönen
Figure out if you want a cozy look and feel or if you want a streamlined look is what you’re after. Choose wood, plush fabrics, woven surfaces, and natural fabrics for the walls and fabrics. This adds texture to a room for a cozy feel. Try some different materials. The best rooms have a variety of surfaces which can create a perfect balance.

2. Create Balance

To create a balance in a room use upholstered furniture with highly textured materials. Use animal prints or even leathers. You set the stage for your room depending on how traditional or modern your choices are.


3. Use Nature



Draw in inspiration from nature. Use feathers, branches, shells, dried blossoms, horns and stones. Use anything unexpected as decorative objects from the outdoors. It helps with tying everything together.


4. Make it an Accent

Texture can be used in place of color. Instead of accent colors think about accent textures and surfaces. Designer textured like fabrics bring in splashes here and there in your room, whether it be pillows or upholstering your favorite chair in a natural material like wool or silks.


5. Play With Lighting

Lighting can play a critical role in adding textural surfaces to any room. Some materials and objects reflect light, others can create visually interesting shadows. So don’t be shy and move things around a bit.


6. Transform Your Walls

Walls are a great surface to play up texture. Choosing wallcoverings with texture using grass cloths, paintable wallpapers, leather -wall tiles, and anaglypta wallcoverings can have a huge impact on any room.  Anaglypta wallcovering can give you dimension and a wide variety of looks.  Using desingner wallcovering will set any tone for the room on how you want it to look.


7. Moderate

Blue Mountain Design by Colors Urban Textures
As with most things, texture should be used in moderation. Start with your key areas such as the walls or furniture, then build from there. Knowing where to start is important, but not as important as knowing when to stop.

All textured wallcoverings can be purchased through Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric 1-877-229-9427