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Adding Beautiful Designer Wallpapers to Stairs Risers or Bookcases for Original Designs

Beautiful designer wallpapers with geometric, abstract or floral, damask, or contemporary patterns are excellent for decorating staircases and bookcases in a unique and creative way. Bookcase and staircase designs are challenging for decorating, and many people leave them bare. The collection of staircase and bookcase decorating ideas is for those who choose to use their bookcases and staircase treads as a statement.                                                                                                                                                 Stair wallpaper 3

Adding beautiful designer wallpapers to staircase or bookcase designs create interesting bold centerpieces.  They are there to stay so why not jazz them up and make a statement and complete that room.  There are numerous different ways of expressing style and show talents, using the inside back of a bookcase and the stairs as a canvas for creative designs.

Decorating both a bookcase and a staircase with designer wallpaper adds stylish colors, texture and attractive patterns to your home, while offering a fun way to demonstrate your skills and talents.  Decorating with wallpaper and coordinating wallpapers are a perfect way for impressive and simple DIY projects that beautify your interior  home design.

                                                                                                              bookcase wallpaper  There are a variety of beautiful designer wallpapers in all color combinations and patterns for your bookcase or staircase decorating. Beautiful wallpapers create gorgeous designs.  It is easy to buy your favorite wallpaper and put it center stage on your staircase or on the inside back of your bookcase.  Designer wallpaper is an easy, stylish and affordable way to inject color and patterns into your interior design and create original, fresh and interesting living spaces.

     Stair wallpaper 2

Decorating with beautiful wallpapers

Stairs and bookcases are ideal for decorating with new designer wallpaper. Old staircase designs can be quickly transformed by beautiful designer wallpapers inexpensively.  These become eye-catching centerpieces that add style to your homes interior.

stair wallpaper hanging 2   1. Select your favorite wallpaper patterns and color combinations that you will be working with to match the interior of your home.

2. Measure and cut your wallpaper strips to size of the area that you want to wallpaper.

3. Prime any bare wood areas that you will be wallpapering. Let dry completely.

4. Apply the wallpaper strips with a clear wallpaper paste over the painted or primed surface.

5. Use a clear acrylic sealer over the top of the wallpaper layer on the stairway to be sure it stands up to the the wear and tear of everyday usage. (be sure to test in a small corner for any color staining)


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