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Our Top 5 Choices for your Boy and Girls Room Wallpaper

Designing a boy’s or girls room can be exciting and tricky. You need to make sure you find a balance between your budget and design style with the things they love and get excited about. You also want to opt for a look that is in style and is considered to be cool. At Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric, we deal with wallpapers, borders and fabrics on a daily basis and have the widest selection available for your kids room as well as price point options to meet your every budget.
We decided to pick our top 5 favorite boys and girls wallpaper designs that we think are great for any kids room. With designs like these you will have several options as well as manufacturers to choose from.
Now we can go through and pick the “typical” princess wallpapers or even the construction zone wallpapers for your kids rooms, but we are thinking a little outside the box. Nothing wrong with the favorite Disney princess, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Disney characters wallpaper or Nascar wallpaper etc, but let’s take another angle. Let’s put your kids inside the themes your looking to decorate by adding personality of what they love into their room.
Let’s start with your kids interests, what do they like, what do they like to do? Pick a couple things. It gives you a couple options to work with, instead of you having to struggle with only 1 thing. Is it something you want them to grow into or are you willing to change it in a couple years. Think about that. Then let’s think colors. What is your kids favorite color? Girls tend to stick with pink and lavender, boys, well, usually blue or green. Be sure to add additional colors to make accessorizing easier for you. We’ll mix things up a bit in our suggestions.
These top 5 choices for each a boys and a girls room will offer suggestions for decorating your kids room and will capture a theme, color scheme, personality, the interests that any child may have and be a big hit with your kids as well as you.


For girls: Bright Ideas Wallpaper Patchwork Cutout Floral – This pattern offers a significant array of colors to work with. From the check to the floral. The border is a laser cut fun pattern that any little girl could grow into for years to come.

Blue Mountain Bright Ideas LV192364D Blue Mountain Brighter Ideas LV192366 Blue Mountain Bright Ideas LV192363

Blue Mountain Bright Ideas

LV192364D                                               LV192366                               LV192363


For Boys: Design by Color Boys Space theme  –  From the stars to the planets, these patterns offer imagination in todays space galaxy that any little boys would love to dream about.

BLMT design y color BC1580410 BTMT Design bby Color BC1581171 BLMT Deisgn by Color BC1581162

Blue Mountain Design by Color

BC1580410                                   BC1581171                                     BC1581162


For Girls: Power 2 Peace and Hearts – For the hippie flower power girl, this ones for you. From the peace and love to the flower beads this offers that worldly wonder a room to have for years to come.

York Girl Power PW3920B York Girl Power PW3928 York Girl Power PW3950


York Girl Power 2

PW3920B                                            PW3928                               PW3950


For Boys: Candice Olson Kids Dinosaurs  –  For the creative inquisitive one these dinosaurs rock! Skelatal remains to the technical names, this pattern encourages the imagination and what these times may have been like.

York Candice Olson Kids CK7642B York Candice Olson Kids CK7646 York Candice Olson Kids CK7693

York Candice Olson Kids

CK7642B                                                                 CK7646                                                 CK7693


For Girls: Crazy about Kids Butterflies  –  These vibrant butterfly’s will bring life to any girls room with room to grow.

Brewster Crazy about kids CK83011B Brewster Crazy about Kids CK257015 Bewster Crazy about Kids CK93104


Brewster Crazy about Kids

CK83011B                                                       CK257015                              CK93104


For Boys: Totally for Kids Sports  –  Whether it be baseball or soccer this room would offer just about any sports nut a selection of what to play throughout the year.

Brewster Totally for Kids TOT46311B Brewster Totally for Kids TOT47191 Brewster Totally for Kids TOT33029

Brewster Totally for Kids

TOT46311B                                                    TOT47191                                             TOT33029


For Girls: Cheeky Monkeys Horses  –  For the love of horses. These patterns have the tranquil serene quietness needed for any little ones room.

Cheeky Monkey CM79609 Cheeky Monkey CM28653 Cheeky Monkey CM28654

Patton Cheeky Monkey CM79609                     CM28653                                              CM28654


For Boys: Boys Rock Army Camo – From trucks to tanks, helicopters to jeeps, these Army Camo patterns offer that youngster an imaginary first hand look at trucks used out in the field.

Boys Rock BYR94311B Boys Rock BYR95554 Boys Rock BYR36141

Warner/Brewster Boys Rock

BYR94311B                                              BYR95554                                       BYR36141


For Girls: Girls Rule Rock Band  –  For the rockstar girl. Want to be in a rock band, well we have it for you. From fushia to star silver this pattern says it all.

Girls Rule Rock Band GIR94003B Girls Rule GIR95543 Girls Rule GIR761620


Brewster Girls Rule Rock Band

GIR94003B                                                        GIR95543                                         GIR761620


For Boys: Boy will be Boys Comics – Do you love to read comic books? Well this speaks for itself. Techinically this one anyone could grow into.

Boys will be Boys BZ9137BDgh Boys will be Boys BZ9494 Boys will be Boys BZ9499

Boys will be Boys BZ9137BDgh                       BZ9494                                  BZ9499


When choosing for your kids room keep your child’s personality and style in mind. With a bit of imagination and creativity, your child’s room will inspire dreams and look great for many years to come. 

Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric  carries the best York, Thibaut, Patton, Blue Mountain, Brewster, Seabrook wallpapers and many other leading manufacturers that we discount. Give us a call with any questions you may have. 1-877-229-9427.