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Designing with texture and patterns


You can use patterns and textures to add spark and character to an otherwise plain color scheme. Begin by collecting samples of patterns and textures that appeal to you and work well with your overall plan. Though the number of styles and combinations available may seem limitless and overwhelming, following these simple tips can help you make knowledgeable selections to create dramatic arrangements and enhance any room.

a:   Complex patterns using multiple colors and designs can liven up a large area, but may too busy for small rooms.

b:  Vertical Lines create the illusion of height – making low or high ceilings seem higher.

c:  Horizontal Lines add space making narrow spaces seem wider.

d:  Generally the larger the space, the larger the print, though adding a large print to a small area can give the space a feeling of grandeur.

e: Repeating the grouping or pattern throughout a large space can create a sense of continuity.

f:  High contrast patterns and colors create give a sense of energy to a room while simple patterns and colors.

g:  High contrast patterns and colors create give a sense of energy to a room while simple patterns and colors

close in value create a more subdued environment.

h:  Rough textures affect color by absorbing light, while smooth textures reflect it.

Wall coverings increase visual interest by adding pattern, texture and accent color to a room. They are a dramatic way to define a room style. For example, a bold abstract print immediately establishes a contemporary style, while a small floral design will suggest a more traditional or country theme.

Small prints add a touch of pattern to the overall background color, forming a subtle backdrop. Mini prints in light, cool colors and fine textures applied to the walls and ceiling create a feeling of more space in a small room. If the mini print is in a warm, dark color, the opposite response occurs. They are often used in kitchens, bathrooms and other small spaces.

Large patterns add the most visual interest to a room. They can also make a room seem smaller and more intimate.


Large patterns on all the walls with plain, light ceilings help retain a sense of height when design elements have a vertical thrust.

Geometric prints give a greater impression of continuous space when applied to all the walls. They include both plaids and grids. Large geometric patterns can be bold and exciting, while small patterns can be very subtle.

Patterns with strong vertical lines make a ceiling seem higher.


Horizontal stripes make a room seem wider. When a vertical stripe is hung horizontally, it is termed “railroading.”




Textures, such as heavy grass cloth or expanded vinyl, create dimension, interest, and surface quality. They create shadows and slight color differences for a more interesting wall surface


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