Monthly Spotlight: Thibaut Wallcoverings

March 1st, 2014

Thibaut Wallcoverings Est 1886 by Richard E. Thibaut is one of the nation’s oldest continuously operating wallpaper firms today, once heralded the “world’s largest wallpaper company” .

Thibaut has established a niche for traditional designs, classic style, a fresh inspiring color palette which features Thibaut’s signature color palette known for being bright and fresh while others focus on different colors to suit varied tastes and shifting market trends.

`Thibaut offers unsurpassed quality and design in styles ranging from historic reproductions, toile, and chinoiserie to tropical and novelty patterns. Themes range from French Provincial and British Colonial to Oriental and American Traditional.  Although Thibaut holds a vast array of wallpaper and fabric patterns in its design repertoire, each collection contains a distinct group of designs by themes such as traditional, nautical, stripes or toiles.

Thibaut is the wallpaper of choice for both designers and that of our highest political figures. The company’s designs adorned the walls of Lyndon B. Johnson’s ranch as well as the White House during the Clinton administration.

Only four wallpaper collections and four fabric-only collections are produced by their in-house studio each year.  Thibaut also offers Resource collections which combine products of a similar style into one large volume, making it easier for designers and consumers to find the perfect pattern.

Thibaut also provides custom wallpaper and fabric services for your special projects.  Thibaut wallpaper can be converted into a print fabrics, as well as Thibaut print fabrics can be custom printed on a number of base cloths which can have different fabric contents. Thibaut offers options for converting to Type I and Type II commercial grade vinyls as well.  These can be purchased with a minimum order requirement.

Their success is the inspiration and effort that goes into every product they release.


All Thibaut wallcoverings can be purchased at Eade’s wallpaper & Fabric.  1-877-229-9427


Astek Jelly Beans Wallpaper

March 1st, 2014

Astek JB80000Jelly Beans is a fun sophisticated children’s wallpaper book that features candy and wonderland oriented prints and murals with a cute and modern children’s themed wallpaper collection from Astek Wallcoverings. It has everything from cupcakes to sailboats to tree leaf patterns that your son or daughter will fall in love with.

The patterns themselves not only captivate the imagination but the distinctive color combinations used in this particular book are extremely bright and vivid.


Astek Jelly Beans JB80204 tiny-town
The Jelly Beans collection has miniture rose bouquets, chevrons, polka dots, bright stripes, forest murals, damasks, clouds, plaids and some nautical themed sailboat prints that come in an array of colorways. They also have a quaint village designed print that comes in blue for boys and pink for girls.



Astek Jelly Beans JB81850B flag-border


Though this is a children’s themed book there are also many patterns within the book that can be used in a variety of ways as well as accent walls.


Astek jelly-beans JB80002


No matter if you want to decorate your child’s room into a creative wonderland that would be fit for a king or a whimsical candy shoppe, there are patterns for any theme you have in mind. Jelly Beans by Astek wallpaper book definitely has what you are looking for.


All Astek wallcoverings can be purchased through Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric 1-877-229-9427

How to Shop for Wallpaper

February 13th, 2014

Unless you have a background in interior design or are a paperhanger, shopping for new wallpaper can be an overwhelming experience. There are endless possibilities with the various patterns and selections of designs to choose from. It can be quite the challenge for the average person to pick out the perfect wallpaper that will complete the room that you have in mind.


Where should you start? What wallpaper collection would you start looking at? This is the reason why a lot of people get so overwhelmed once they start looking for that perfect wallpaper. It’s because the choices are endless with the exorbitant number of possibilities out there today.


Its not an easy task. But today with the suggestions below, this will help you to get to know the steps that are necessary to begin.
Here’s a quick how-to on where to start to search for that perfect wallpaper so that things are easier once you are ready for that new look in your home.


Know The Brands

Get to know the brands. Each manufacturer has several designer “brands.” Each brand has its own team of designers that have they’re own unique style or color palette that they like to work with. Some designers get their inspiration from places they’ve been or even areas or aspects of their life.


Know the Major Manufacturers

There are seven major wallpaper brands in the United States today. They are Astek, Blue Mountain, Brewster Home Fashions, Patton, Seabrook, Thibaut and York Wallcoverings. There are several other specialty manufacturers out there but these seven are the most well-known wallpaper manufacturers that will carry virtually any wallpaper need you may have.


Know the Collections

Each designer has it’s his or her collection an then placed in a wallpaper book. Each book has its own theme to it and colorway throught the book. For instance, Outdoors with the Hautman Brothers Wallpaper Collection, Chesapeake line distributed by Brewster Home Fashions features wall coverings that are designed for that outdoor hunting earthy lodge style. The Aquarius K and B collection by Galerie features wallpaper and borders with a distinct old world traveler novelty theme.


Shopping by the Book


Some people shop for wallpaper by the book or category. This has many advantages to it. The biggest advantage is that you can see in most cases the same pattern with several different variations or color and sometimes texture of a specific paper and its corresponding borders.


For instance, let’s say you really like a specific formal print from the Biennale wallpaper collection by Sancar. You’re set on the pattern for your room but however, the colorway isn’t quite right. You can then find the same pattern in a different color that would best match the color palette you are working with for that particular room.


Furthermore, when you shop you can see the variety of coordinating patterns for each colorway that may match perfectly match with the paper you have picked out for any adjacent rooms.


Do Not Be Afraid To Call or Send an E-Mail


Many times if you call us at 1-877-229-9427 or email us, we can better tell you several books you might be interested in by the theme in which you are trying to emulate in your home depending on how much information you give us. When you call or email us for a recommendation be sure you tell us the overall look or theme and we may be able to recommend a specific area in which to start looking.  But remember its all based on what you like.



It’s not a pleasant experience to have your wallpaper shipped to you and realize that it does not look like you thought it would. It’s unfortunate but sometimes even high resolution pictures cannot accurately display the exact color or texture like it would in person. We offer samples with specific for a small fee. This way it would give you the opportunity to see the scale of the pattern as well as the color palette in which it is offered in.


The solution to this problem is to get samples of the wallpaper you think you want. Get several color selections sent to you so that you can take a look at each one in person. You can touch, feel and compare each sample to see which one you want to go with up on your wall. When you do this you not only save time in the long run but you save yourself a lot of regret in the future.


You can get all designer wallcoverings at Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric.

Spring Home Fashion: Black and White

February 11th, 2014

Update any room in 2014 with Black & White.

black & white thibaut palazzo T35172

 When spotting trends in 2014 we have found black and white in animal skins, sharp contemporary geometric shapes, damasks, etc. and we took this simple color combination to a whole other level.


Lets take a look at how black and white can make a strong impression at home. Here in black & white is Thibaut Palazzo pattern T35172. It defines its space with an old world yet contemporary feel with the sketched outline of the storefront architecture buildings. The furniture is simple but yet defined and the splash of color with the lamps and flowers sets the tone for this Thibaut wallpaper.

black & white york inspired by color



Thibaut Palazzo Wallpaper T35172


We then see a comtemporary whimsy geometric wallpaper by York Inspired by Color Black & White pattern BL0340. Being a simple sitting area the wallpaper adds that pop the area is looking for. Furnished with clean line furniture that’s simple yet elegant complements this wallpaper.


 York Inspired by Color Wallpaper BL0340

black and white york zebra KD1798



In another we look at York’s Zebra Wallpaper pattern KD1798. This amazing room features a whimsical, fun and sassy personality. Decorated in an animal skin these stunning accents of pink and silver in this case makes the room pop with attitude.


Black-and-white aesthetically brings zing to any room giving a room a stately feel of dignity and not disorganization. Being a companion to any color, black and white takes on cool sophistication for any space.


York Zebra Print Wallpaper KD1798


All these wallpaper patterns can be purchased at Eade’s Wallpaper & Fabric.