Let the Sunshine in All Year Round

May 7th, 2014



Let the sunshine in with yellow. It’s the color of flowers, lemons, and school buses, offering fresh appeal in each of its many variations.  It’s cheerful and illuminating so it’s the perfect way to warm up your home whether it be a dining room or to make a first impression when guests walk through the door. So let yellow set the mood.



Brewster 985-54551 Kallista Gold Floral Scroll


It’s easy to go overboard when making decisions with yellows especially when they are not in the same palette. Often the best way to know what color yellow works is with trial and error.From shade variations to pattern, you need to create visual hamony with yellows. By far the happiest color in the spectrum, yellow is always apt to cheer up a room and lighten a mood. Don’t feel like you have to stick to just one shade or pattern. Experiment a little. Just stay in the same color palette.


ASH 940 Damask Stripe


As bright as the sun or as quiet as a fallen leaf in autumn, yellow hues always bring a smile. From the pale yellow and cornflower blue create a restful scene, evoking nostalgia stick with its buttercream yellow color, bright yellow and moody grays that make good color companions because you get the effect of neutrals with just the right burst of color or that long-forgotten love letter sealed with a gold wax, this embraces romantic vintage style .



York WD5442


Whether it’s designer wallpaper or decorative fabrics, don’t simply settle for those trendy yellow tones – find shades that best impress you and the atmosphere you wish to create.


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Monthly Spotlight: Fabricut Fabrics

May 6th, 2014

Fabricut Fabrics are one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world; the brand designers depend on for everyday decorating. From war-torn Europe, to the streets of New York, to the heartland of America, where a 50-year history in Tulsa was established, the Fabricut story is one of determination and destiny.

Joe Finer and Harry Guterman, two survivors of Nazi Germany, became friends through incredible circumstances during World War II. In the early 1950s, they operated a drapery/slipcover store in Huntington, New York. Both had a dream of opening a wholesale fabric operation of their own somewhere in the Southwest. So on behalf of the duo, Harry Guterman set out to explore locations. He landed in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1954 and was joined by Joe Finer five years later. And there Fabricut was born.

Fabricut provides home furnishing fabrics and accessories of exceptional value and design to the interior design industry. With an array of traditional, transitional and contemporary styles, patterns and palettes available. Fabricut is the designer’s preference for all fabrics and trimmings. Their extensive line of in-stock fabrics, extraordinary customer service and a knowledgeable, worldwide sales force is unmatched.

Fabricut strives to be a quality driven fabric distributor. What sets Fabricut apart is its team of talented, motivated people creating distinctive fabrics and innovative packaging with the customer service to match. This is the Fabricut creed, delivering on their 50-year belief that nothing is more powerful than pride in ownership and the freedom to dream.

Today, Fabricut is run by an executive team which includes two of the sons of Finer and Guterman. The company has grown into one of the largest, most progressive distributors of decorative fabrics in the world, offering over 58,000 choices in fabrics and trimmings.

Their devotion is supplying exquisite fabrics and trimmings is over 50 years and continues with a daily commitment to develop exclusive products for their customers. Fabricut’s dedication to it’s customers are at the center of its business. Experience Fabricut and experience the unlimited possibilities of interior design.

Fabricut is the foundation of five division brands.


fabricut logo


Fabricut: Supplying an extensive array of traditional to contemporary fabrics and trimmings for the interior; providing solutions for everyday decorating.





Trend: Fulfilling the industry’s need for beautiful fabrics at exceptional value without compromising style.



chromatics-contractFabricut Contract: The premier textile brand of hospitality-rated fabrics for drapery, bedding and upholstery applications; in stock, in code and in budget.






Stroheim: Established in 1865, a premier fabric house known worldwide as a leading resource for exquisite, fine quality fabrics, trimmings and wallcovering for the most discerning clientele.



s harris


S. Harris: Creating exquisite, contemporary and innovative fabrics for the haute interior; meeting the exact needs and tastes of designers, specifiers and architects.





Vervain: Elegant and classic fabrics and trimmings created with artistry and distinction for the modern traditional interior.


Together, each brand provides designers with products of quality, style and price for every taste of your home.


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Tips for Decorating With Texture

April 23rd, 2014

Using a variety of surfaces and layering materials is key to making any room more interesting.

1. Decide on a Look

Shabby Chic – Holzlatten in frechen Pastelltönen
Figure out if you want a cozy look and feel or if you want a streamlined look is what you’re after. Choose wood, plush fabrics, woven surfaces, and natural fabrics for the walls and fabrics. This adds texture to a room for a cozy feel. Try some different materials. The best rooms have a variety of surfaces which can create a perfect balance.

2. Create Balance

To create a balance in a room use upholstered furniture with highly textured materials. Use animal prints or even leathers. You set the stage for your room depending on how traditional or modern your choices are.


3. Use Nature



Draw in inspiration from nature. Use feathers, branches, shells, dried blossoms, horns and stones. Use anything unexpected as decorative objects from the outdoors. It helps with tying everything together.


4. Make it an Accent

Texture can be used in place of color. Instead of accent colors think about accent textures and surfaces. Designer textured like fabrics bring in splashes here and there in your room, whether it be pillows or upholstering your favorite chair in a natural material like wool or silks.


5. Play With Lighting

Lighting can play a critical role in adding textural surfaces to any room. Some materials and objects reflect light, others can create visually interesting shadows. So don’t be shy and move things around a bit.


6. Transform Your Walls

Walls are a great surface to play up texture. Choosing wallcoverings with texture using grass cloths, paintable wallpapers, leather -wall tiles, and anaglypta wallcoverings can have a huge impact on any room. Using desingner wallcovering will set any tone for the room on how you want it to look.


7. Moderate

Blue Mountain Design by Colors Urban Textures
As with most things, texture should be used in moderation. Start with your key areas such as the walls or furniture, then build from there. Knowing where to start is important, but not as important as knowing when to stop.


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Do Your Eyes See Red

March 1st, 2014

Inspired by Color JG0727


It doesn’t take much for red to make it’s presence. It certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. The color Red is for every style. It’s vibrant, demands attention, gets your emotions going and is extremely dramatic and lively. This is why many designers use Red.



Inspired by Color Pattern JG0727


From the deep merlot reds that grace your sophisticated traditional space to a rich cranberry red that adds simplicity to your transitional space. Its a great contrast to most colors.

Design by Color BC1580973
But most designers only use Red for accents or to try and energize your space. Are you feeling bold and are you looking for a big impact, use Red.


Reds hues can range from orange reds to blue reds, light shades to dark shades. Different reds take on different personalities depending on which color red speaks to you. Are you looking for that barn country red or that persian scarlet red, whichever red it may be it will give depth and dimension to any room.



Design by Color Pattern BC1580973

Design by Color BC1582028



 Whatever color red it is that strikes you, don’t be hesitant. Be bold, live a little.


Check out the Creating with Color article.



Design by Color Pattern BC1582028


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