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Archive for the ‘Installation of Wallpaper’ Category

We want to know…

We want to know! We want to help you with any questions or concerns you might have for decorating project. Whether it’s installing wallpaper, borders, wall preparation, fabric questions or placing orders, etc.   Let us know so we can post information for you and others that may be asking the same thing! We are happy […]

Drywall Damage

Drywall Damage   Most drywall damage occurs when wallcovering is dry-stripped from the all or when mirrors and paneling glued directly to bare drywall are pulled away, taking the face paper with them.  The brown backing paper that remains is highly absorbent and will bubble and blister if water-base paint, joint compound or spackling are […]

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How to get started wallpapering

CALCULATING HOW MUCH PAPER YOU WILL NEED * Click Here to use the Wallpaper Calculator * To figure your wall area in square feet, measure the width of the walls and multiply by the height. Divide your total square footage by 50 to determine the number of double rolls you will need for your job. […]

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Pasting Un-pasted Wallcovering

Pasting un-pasted wallcovering Use the type of paste recommended in the instructions that came with the wallcovering.   If no information is given, ask your retailer’s advice. Brush or roll the back of the wallcovering with paste.   Apply plenty to the edges.  Fold the strip (or “book”) pasted side to pasted side, that is bring in […]

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Creating With Color

Step 1: Finding a Color Scheme Step 2: Choosing Color Step 3: Factors that Influence the Use of Color Step 4: Three Basic Elements to Color Step 5: General Categories of Color Step 1: Finding a Color Scheme If you feel helpless when it comes to picking and blending colors, your answer could be as far away as your nearest […]

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Decorating with Borders

Wallpaper Borders can provide an extremely sophisticated and elegant look to your home. They have the unique ability to give your room that personal touch. The actual process of applying the borders has never been easier, as almost all borders sold today are prepasted and can be applied on painted walls or directly over coordinated […]

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How to Protect and Clean Wallpaper

Things You’ll Need: Liquid Dish Soap Clean Rags Sponges Stain Removers Wallpaper Clean Rags Sponges Step 1 Note, when you buy the wallpaper, what the store and the manufacturer recommend for both cleaning and protection. Step 2 Use a sponge or rag to lightly apply soapy water to vinyl-coated paper. Step 3 Apply a special […]

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How to repair wallpaper

To re-paste wallpaper. 1. Lift loose wallpaper carefully. It may be necessary to wet with water. 2. Spread thin wallpaper paste underneath. 3. Smooth down with a clean, damp cloth. Note: For newer plastic-coated papers, ask wallpaper store for correct paste. To remove a blister in wallpaper. 1. Cut across blister with a very sharp […]

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How to hang wallpaper…

Wallpaper can make a tremendous difference in the appearance of any room and if you learn to hang wallpaper the right way, you’ll be ready to transform your home. It is relatively easy to learn how to hang wallpaper but it takes patience and attention to detail, especially if you are hanging patterned wallpaper, which […]


Installation over existing wallpaper.

New wallpaper can be hung over existing wallcovering if it is adhering uniformly and is free of dirt, dust and grime. Gently clean the existing wallpaper with a damp rag. Fill in and sand any cracks or holes with a fast drying compound filler. Paint the entire surface with a universal primer. To help conceal […]