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Drywall Damage

Drywall Damage


Most drywall damage occurs
when wallcovering is dry-stripped from the all or when mirrors andDrywall Damage paneling glued directly to bare drywall are pulled away, taking the face
paper with them.  The brown backing paper that remains is highly
absorbent and will bubble and blister if water-base paint, joint
compound or spackling are applied without first sealing it.
Follow the instructions below to repair damaged drywall using GARDZ® High Performance Sealer.

Prepare the Surface: Drywall Damage

Remove any wallcovering from the wall. (See: Remove
Existing Wallpaper
for more details). Next, remove any loose
facing paper by cutting back to sound areas with a razor knife or
sanding off using 80-grit sandpaper. To locate any invisible bubbles or
blisters, tap the surface of wall with your fingernail. If you hear a
flat, hollow sound the facing paper has separated and bubbled. Cut the
sound paper around the bubbled area with a razor knife and pull the
damaged paper off towards the cut for a clean, sound edge.

Appling GARDZ:

Make sure all
floor areas adjacent to walls are protected with drop cloths. Apply one
Drywall Damage of

liberally with a brush, medium nap roller or sprayer to the entire wall.
When applying GARDZ with a roller, start from the bottom of the wall and
press gently as you move the roller upward to prevent the sealer – which
is very thin – from dripping onto the floor. GARDZ penetrates and seals
the paper, drying to a rock-hard moisture-resistant. When dry, GARDZ
should exhibit a uniform sheen. Excessively porous areas may have a dull
appearance and should be given another coat of GARDZ. If the facing
paper blisters again, cut out the blister and reapply product to exposed
paper. Allow at least three hours dry time.

Apply skim coat of spackling or
joint compound:
Drywall Damage

After GARDZ has completely dried, use a large (6” wide
or bigger) spackling knife to apply a thin layer of READY PATCH
Spackling & Patching Compound to create a
Drywall Damage smooth, uniform surface. Allow
to dry completely before sanding smooth.

Apply Final Coat of
Drywall Damage

Remove all dust from the surface and seal skim-coated
areas with a final coat of GARDZ. When dry, apply your desired paint, wallcovering or texture finish to
complete your look. GARDZ
replaces the need for sealing the surface with an oil-based primer. It
seals damaged drywall facing paper to prevent bubbles andseals residual
wallpaper adhesive to prevent it from ruining topcoat finishes.
Wallcovering can be installed directly over GARDZ.


Have questions on repairing drywall damage, give us a call. 1-877-229-9427 www.eadeswallpaper.com