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Installing wallpaper over previously painted walls.

Start by checking for good paint adhesion and moisture sensitivity. This is important because if the paint on the surface is chalking or flaking the wallcovering will have a poor base and probably will not adhere well.
There are four tests that can be incorporated into surface preparation:
1. The Rub Test: Use a soft cloth dampened with warm water to vigorously rub over the painted surface for 10-15 seconds. If any of the paint transfers to the cloth it means that the paint is water sensitive and will more than likely be adversely affected by the adhesive’s surface tension created in the drying process. If the paint transfers totally to the cloth an adhesion failure will definitely result. In this case it will be necessary to completely remove the paint.


2. The Sponge Test: Tape a soft, moistened sponge to the wall for about 20 minutes. Remove the sponge and wipe the paint film with your fingertips. If the paint covers your fingers, removal of the paint is indicated.
3. The Bond Strength Test: Use a razor blade to cut an X in the paint surface (not into the wall or substrate, just the paint). Put a piece of masking tape on the surface, if the paint releases onto the back of the tape, it will not support the installation of wallcovering.

4. Aluminum Foil Test for Moisture: Using duct tape, tape a piece of aluminum foil about one foot square to the wall. Leave the foil attached to the wall for approximately 1 week. Upon removal, if moisture is present on the back of the foil, then the source of moisture is behind the wall. If moisture has condensed on the outside of the foil then the room is in need of ventilation. If the wall surface is sound, begin by washing the surface using warm water and ammonia or detergent-this removes grease and dirt. Washing also helps to dull gloss or semi-gloss finishes. Spots or stains that do not wash off should be primed with a stain killer, such as BIN by Zinsser to prevent possible bleed-through. Fill any holes and cracks with spackle, plaster, wood filler or patching compound, depending on the surface. When the patch is dry, sand smooth and seal if necessary.

TIP- Use a paste especially made for high humidity areas like kitchens and baths.  One to try: SureGrip ® 132 Kitchen & Bath Wallcovering Adhesive . It prevents curling edges, eliminates seam problems and inhibits mildew growth. Use on unpasted & pre-pasted wallpaper.

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