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Hanging over old wallpaper or paneling.


– If hanging over old wallpaper, priming is a must. Use a primer that seals the paper to a hard, impermeable finish. Test your old paper first by wetting the surface in a small test area. If it bubbles easily, then you would be better off to remove it.

Hiding Old Wallpaper Seams


To hide old wallpaper seams so that they won’t show under your new paper, after the wallpaper primer dries, lightly skim the old wallpaper seams with joint compound. Let the compound dry, sand lightly, and coat the skimmed areas with your wallpaper primer.

Hanging wallpaper over paneling


There are a number of liner papers on the market that address this task. Almost any wallpaper center or paint store handles liners, generally known as Wall Felt. Liners should always be pasted with a heavy duty vinyl to vinyl adhesive or a “clay-based” adhesive to insure proper adhesion. Generally, the liner must dry 24 to 48 hours before hanging over it with your wallcovering. Before hanging your liner, be sure to check the paneling for loose areas and secure these areas. Most liners recommend priming before hanging your wallcovering. After you have primed the liner, you may want to float out joints and any unlevel areas with sheetrock mud.


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